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  Bumps In The Road – Uh, Oh! Traffic Jam!

By Rena Beadle 

 Rena Beadle

Houston traffic can look or feel like a maze full of mice running around in 20 different directions.

The road is clear when SUDDENLY cars are backed  up for miles!  No one seems to know why there's a traffic jam because the cause of the delay is too far away from one's eye.  Cars come to a complete stop.  However, activity INSIDE the cars has not.   We impatiently look at our watches, the baby starts crying, and our minds start racing for an alternative route.  “Daddy, when are we going to get there?” or “Honey, why didn’t you take the route I TOLD you to take?” ring in the air.

Suddenly the one driving is responsible for the traffic jam and all of its complications to the passengers in your car.  As you listen to the complaints and ADVICE of those in your car (or on your team) you become strangely aware that YOU are the leader of this journey.  The passengers are looking to you for guidance and direction.  When you accept and set out on the mission God has given you, the same followers who praise you when everything goes well, will sometimes BLAME you for the negative.

Traffic Jams = CONFUSION

Mary and Martha sat at Jesus’ feet, had learned his ways and seen His many miracles.  However, when their beloved brother, LAZARUS died, it was FOUR days before Jesus arrived on the scene.  In John 11, upon Jesus’ arrival, Mary exclaims, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother Lazarus would not have died.”  What?  She was scolding Jesus?  Why?  Because He didn’t come when she THOUGHT He should.  “Honey, if we would have left earlier, we could have avoided this traffic jam!”  SOUND FAMILIAR?


CONFUSION = The state of being confused

Webster’s Dictionary defines Confuse as ‘to mislead or bewilder; to jumble or mix up.’

Opposite of Confusion is CLARITY.  According to Webster's Dictionary, Clarity is, ‘the state or QUALITY of being CLEAR.'  Webster defines the word Clear as ‘Free from precipitation and clouds; able to hear, see, or think easily; free from doubt or confusion.’

As Mary spoke to Jesus, in verse 22, she said, “But even now (in the midst of my confusion) I KNOW that what You ask of God, God will give You.”  At that statement, Jesus replied, “Your brother will rise.”  HOW did she change from blame, worry or confusion to clarity and surrender?


As Mary gazed upon His face, the fog cleared and she saw the Truth!

Verse 25-26 says, 'Jesus then replied, “I am the resurrection and the life.  He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall LIVE.  And whoever (you and me!) LIVES and believes in Me shall never die. ..”  He then asked Mary, “Do you believe this?”'


I hope you believe, because He is and always will be who He said He is and when you let Him drive your car you will be less tempted to blame Him for any traffic jams in your life!

Stay In The Game!