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Climate Control

By Rena Beadle 

Listening to God

Have you ever listened in to the conversations around you?  Our family would be on a road trip, when suddenly, I hear a word or phrase coming from the back seat that piques my curiosity.  Having traveled miles, I found how easily I could tune everyone around me out.  We all seem to be in our own little worlds, yet very physically together in a mini-van!  At some moment, maybe halfway to our destination, I would lay aside my book or I quit day dreaming out the window, and get QUIET enough to HEAR the conversations around me.  The results of listening can be a red light, letting me know something is wrong, or I may think, “He just said something really profound!”.  My response to the climate around me either makes the journey easier or more difficult.  However, it all begins with LISTENING.

Moses and Aaron were leading the Children of Israel into the desert, when God called Moses to meet with Him on Mt Sinai.  One day turned into 40 days before Moses returned from his meeting with the Lord.  What he found on his return to camp was an entire people whom he had lead out of Egypt completely turned away from God and all He had done for them.  And Aaron was allowing them to do so!  What happened???  Moses listened to God.  But, Aaron listened to the people.


Emotions?  Fears?  Concerns?  Demands of others? Insecurities?


Get quiet.  Surrender every thought and emotion to Him.  Expect God to show up in every minute of your day.  He may speak in His still small voice,  or through a scripture that seems to leap off the page.  We are not called to be anyone’s savior; He already is.  We are simply called to love Him.  When we listen to Him and know we are unconditionally loved by Him, the climate automatically changes.  Chaos turns into peace, strife turns into kindness and love draws everyone together.

Prov. 1:33 “But whoso hearkens (listens and obeys) unto Me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.”

Have a great day!  Rena “Ree” Beadle