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   Don't Quit!


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"As a baseball player, I had to face my challenges daily; failure was a part of the game. I had to take it one day at a time, one at bat at a time so that you can stay focused on the task at hand. Rena Beadle breaks down how to do that with debt and come out victorious."
            ~Jesse Barfield, Professional Baseball Player, Houston, Texas  


"After moving to Houston as a result of Hurricane Katrina and not knowing a soul, God placed in our lives an amazing family, the Beadles! They have helped us, encouraged us, prayed with us and loved us! What a blessing and inspiration they have been to our family, we are grateful to have such awesome friends! God is good!"
            ~Joette Timmerman, Independent Education Management Professional, Houston, Texas




"Rena, Leo and their five children were among the first reality television show stars, where lights and cameras follow each family member's every move. In her book she transparently shares the ups and downs, the success and failures of her real life family! There are answers to many of life's questions here. And the bonus? She unveils the "backstage" experience of reality television. A hugely fascinating read. I couldn't put it down!!"
            ~Eddie Smith, Author, Speaker and Writing Coach, Houston, Texas 


"Your dreams will be resurrected and your faith renewed as you read Stay in the Game. I have personally seen this family persevere through incredible obstacles and emerge victorious, and this book will help you do the same. A “must read” for these challenging times."
            ~Steve Austin, Director, Pastoral Care Ministries, Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas


"We must see our lives as both a story and a journey. Rena and her family is the potential story for each of us. As we journey with Rena we learn to see life through the eyes of God’s goodness. What we behold is what we become."
            ~Graham Cooke, Popular Conference Speaker and part of the Leadership Team at The Mission, Vacaville, California